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The digital world is at times too fast-paced for me. Reading…I am actually a close and careful reader. When reading print text I tend to read and savor every word and rarely skim. I am afraid of missing something. I read everything in grad school two or three times. Digital text is more meant to be skimmed and I wonder what we are losing–though, oddly, I prefer digital text over print. When I read a print book, I feel compelled to read everything–the text itself, the back cover, the author’s note, the preface…. I love words. I study them.


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So, literacy topics that have been on my mind…

1. What are the future of bookstores? To be honest, I don’t go to them anymore, not even for the coffee! I try to read digital books and text read via my phone.

2. If you’re a Generation X-er, you grew up with clunker computers (Apple 2E), primitive video game systems (Pong), and typewriters (LOL). These are antiques to kids today. What does the future hold for them?

3. In terms of higher education, we’re moving towards digitized textbooks, e-reading, and online learning. Is the world ready for engaging in best practices in these areas?

There’s so much to learn about technology and literacy. I’m trying to keep up with it all!

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