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I love the references to literacy in this. It’s fun to read old English, too. Click on the thumbnails to read the text.


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Cambridge Again!

We are here! The temperature is in the 30’s. I’ll take pics tomorrow of the impending snow(storm). At least 10-12 inches of snow is predicted for tomorrow during the day and evening. I guess they will plow the streets.
I really like it here. We arrived in darkness so it will be nice to see the daylight and Harvard again, albeit, with layers of snow all around! I didn’t bring a suitcase. I just layered on all my clothes like the Michelin man! In my carryon bag were my galoshes and a couple of journals I want to get published in. I scrutinized them carefully on the plane. My mom, in first class, brought back the warm cookie to me in coach! 🙂
We ate dinner at the deli in Harvard Square (quick). We wolfed the food down in about five minutes! Then we had mind-numbingly good hot chocolate from Burdick’s Chocolate. Savory.
Tomorrow will be exciting!

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