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Other People’s Books

What’s sad is I haven’t read a novel in a super long time, except for children’s books and novels. I was really into reading in high school when I basically never went out. I read about every classic novel from the 19th and 20th century from aged 15-18. I read some stuff in college, of course, but not as much as those “golden years of reading” in my life. I often would read books based on seeing someone else reading it or the classics I got for 25 cents at our local Tierrasanta library used book sale. Like, I got into reading Margeurite Duras around 1990 because I saw somebody reading it in a French class I took at Mesa College while I was in high school. Majoring in philosophy in college, it was all confusing stuff on mind, language, and metaphysics, but no novels, really, except for a class on Hesse and a few poetry classes.

I get inspired by other’s reading lives and other people’s lives in general. Someone recommended the author Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club. Right now, I want to read some contemporary fiction.

My own academic research focuses on the dailiness and stories of people’s literate lives and the literate lives of their children. Feel free to send me info on what you’re reading!


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